Recommended TV

This is where I will keep track of my favorite television shows and which tier of quality each one sits in, along with its active years, link to IMDB, and whether or not it is streaming on Netflix (USA). Sortable and searchable. I have not seen every TV show in existence — this is just my opinion based on what I’ve seen. I will continue to update the list over time.

Last Updated: October 16th, 2016

NameYearsNetworkIMDBOn Netflix (USA)Tier
Mad Men2007-2015AMCLinkYes01 - Platinum
Breaking Bad2008-2013AMCLinkYes01 - Platinum
The Wire2002-2008HBOLinkNo01 - Platinum
The Sopranos1999-2007HBOLinkNo01 - Platinum
Curb Your Enthusiasm2000-HBOLinkNo01 - Platinum
242001-2010FoxLinkNo02 - Gold
Seinfeld1989-1998NBCLinkNo02 - Gold
The Knick2014-2015CinemaxLinkNo02 - Gold
Better Call Saul2015-AMCLinkYes02 - Gold
The Shield2002-2008FXLinkNo02 - Gold
Sons of Anarchy2008-2014FXLinkYes02 - Gold
Halt and Catch Fire2014-2017AMCLinkYes02 - Gold
The Americans2013-2018FXLinkNo02 - Gold
Hannibal2013-2015NBCLinkNo02 - Gold
Game of Thrones2011-HBOLinkNo02 - Gold
House2004-2012FoxLinkYes03 - Silver
Legion2017-FXLinkNo03 - Silver
Damages2007-2012FXLinkYes03 - Silver
Narcos2015-NetflixLinkYes03 - Silver
Louie2010-FXLinkYes03 - Silver
Daredevil2015-NetflixLinkYes03 - Silver
OJ Simpson: Made in America2016ESPNLinkNo03 - Silver
American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson2016-FXLinkNo03 - Silver
Making a Murderer2015NetflixLinkYes03 - Silver
True Detective2014-HBOLinkNo03 - Silver
The Fall2013-BBCLinkYes03 - Silver
Fargo2014-FXLinkNo03 - Silver
Stranger Things2016-NetflixLinkYes03 - Silver
The Crown2016-NetflixLinkYes03 - Silver
The Handmaid's Tale2017-HuluLinkNo03 - Silver
The Looming Tower2018HuluLinkNo04 - Bronze
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel2018-AmazonLinkNo04 - Bronze
House of Cards2013-NetflixLinkYes04 - Bronze
Homeland2011-ShowtimeLinkNo04 - Bronze
Jessica Jones2015-NetflixLinkYes04 - Bronze
Broadchurch2013-BBCLinkYes04 - Bronze
Fringe2008-2013FoxLinkNo04 - Bronze
The Killing2011-2014AMC, NetflixLinkYes04 - Bronze
Bloodline2015-2017NetflixLinkYes04 - Bronze
Bosch2014-AmazonLinkNo04 - Bronze
Friday Night Lights2006-2011NBCLinkYes04 - Bronze
Peaky Blinders2013-BBCLinkYes04 - Bronze
Black Mirror2011-Channel 4LinkYes04 - Bronze
Counterpart2017-StarzLinkNo05 - Iron
Arrested Development2003-Fox, NetflixLinkYes05 - Iron
Rubicon2010FXLinkNo05 - Iron
Marcella2016-BBCLinkYes05 - Iron
The Walking Dead2010-AMCLinkYes05 - Iron
11.22.632016HuluLinkNo05 - Iron
Lost2004-2010ABCLinkYes05 - Iron
Archer2009-FXLinkYes05 - Iron
It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia2005-FX, FXXLinkYes05 - Iron
Luke Cage2016-NetflixLinkYes05 - Iron
Dexter2006-2013ShowtimeLinkYes05 - Iron
Over There2005FXLinkNo05 - Iron
Firefly2002-2003FoxLinkYes05 - Iron
Jericho2006-2008CBSLinkYes05 - Iron
Longmire2012-A&E, NetflixLinkYes05 - Iron
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt2015-NetflixLinkYes05 - Iron
Battlestar Galactica2004-2009SyfyLinkYes05 - Iron
Parks & Recreation2009-2015NBCLinkYes05 - Iron
Master of None2015-NetflixLinkYes05 - Iron
Justice2006-2007FoxLinkNo05 - Iron
Lilyhammer2012-2014NetflixLinkYes05 - Iron
The Punisher2017-NetflixLinkYes05 - Iron