Recommended Podcasts

  • Serial – Each season follows a story told week by week. Made famous from season one which detailed the murder of Hae Man Lee, a high school girl. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Sayed was accused and convicted of her murder but not everything about the case is as it seems. Incredible drama and seriously makes you doubt what really happened.
  • 99% Invisible – This is a great podcast whose center theme is about design / innovation. A lot of architecture, but it’s great because it really dives into how design impacts our lives. Fascinating stories.
  • Criminal – Criminal is one of my favorite podcasts. Each episode follows a story of a criminal (or perceived criminal) and how their lives or those lives around them were affected.
  • More Perfect – This is somewhat of a mini-series of a podcast. Each episode studies in depth a landmark Supreme Court case. It’s less about the study of law and more about the impact the cases have on society and how the cases came about. A fascinating study. The best episode is Baker vs. Carr, titled “The Political Thicket”
  • How I Built This – By far the best podcast for those with entrepreneurial spirit. Each episode is an interview with the CEO of a famous company and shares the story of how it came into being. Amazing stories from Spanx to AirBNB. These people had nothing and failed numerous times but somehow found ways to make it happen.
  • In the Dark – This podcast follows the story of Jacob Wetterling. A young boy who was kidnapped at gun point and then murdered. The case went unsolved for 27 years. How did the police completely drop the ball on this?