Ask: The Counter Intuitive Online Formula Book Review

I just finished reading Ask: The Counter Intuitive Online Formula. Written by Ryan Levesque. The book is okay. It’s probably better for someone who has no experience with online sales, as all of this would be super new to them. I already have experience with online marketing and sales funnels so this was more of a refresher, but there are a few key takeaways I got from this book that I would like to share.

  1. Survey your existing customers if you can with this question: “What is the single biggest challenge you are facing with your [insert thing here].” — everyone knows to survey their clients, that is obvious, but this one exact question I did not know how essential it is to ask. The book goes into detail as to why it is a good question and I agree. It will help you segment your customer base appropriately.
  2. The types of emails and when to send them once they are in the email marketing campaign. This is certainly helpful.

The rest of the book however, was a lot of the author talking about himself. I get that it helps provide context and what not, but I thought it was a bit overdone here. Also there was a ton of self promotion which came off as a gimmicky. Again, I understand the author is trying to promote is business, but there should be a limit to it otherwise it becomes distracting.

That is all.


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